A cross section of disco, new jersey house, UK garage and a touch of bass music.

The Nan + Betty Show, Skippy + Zej Burton
+ regular international guests


The night of the week when all the dancers and freaks come together to let go on the dance floor. Sweat is a must, and it's been known to end in nudity on more than one occasion.

In The Deep End
+ regular international guests


It's Sunday night, absolutely anything can happen. Past guests have included Move D, Afrika Bambaataa + Gerd Janson.

Len + Dyl, Mods and Nu Jeans
+ regular international guests


Celebrating and showcasing some of the finer young DJ's and producers in Adelaide, with great prices on beverages and a jazz club feel.

Joe Miller + Guests


Eccentric, eclectic, psychedelic. Nu + Old school beats from every genre and generation, setting the mood for a myriad of possibilities.

Driller + Tom Wilson


Light hearted Wednesday fun with R+B and Hip Hop, a packed dance floor from start to finish and the occasional legend dropping by.

+ the best rotation of party DJ's in Adelaide


Mature selections from the best DJ's in the city, playing exclusively vinyl from start to finish. Something for the chin strokers, something even more for the dancer.

Eric The Falcon, Martinho, The Carter Bros + regular guests